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A Web site allows the user to change the background color of a Web page.
Which two mechanisms can you use to store a user’s preferred background color? (Each answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)
A. User state
B. Persistent state
C. Query strings
D. Session state

Correct Answer: CD
C: Storing page information using client-side options doesn’t use server resources. The following are the client-side state management options that ASP.NET supports: View state Control state Hidden fields Cookies Query strings
D: Server-side options for storing page information typically have higher security than client- side options, but they can use more Web server resources, which can lead to scalability issues when the size of the information store is large. The following are the server-side state management options that ASP.NET supports: Application state Session state Profile properties Database support
Reference: ASP.NET State Management Recommendations
You need to create the following table.

Which attribute should you use on the <td> tag of Cell 1?
A. width=”2″
B. width=”100%”
C. colspan=”100%”
D. colspan=”2″

Correct Answer: A
Which HTML tag should you use to apply an external style sheet to a Web page?
A. <style>
B. <link>
C. <a>
D. <form>

Correct Answer: B
The web.config file of a Web site contains the following XML.

You write the following code in a new ASP.NET Web page on the Web site.

What happens when the page loads?
A. The page displays a 404 error.
B. The page displays a 500 error.
C. The page is blank.
D. The page displays “Hello”.

Correct Answer: D
You create a session variable. What is its initial value?
A. Null
B. -1
C. Blank
D. 0

Correct Answer: A
You need to add custom configuration information to a Web application. What should you do?
A. Create a new configuration setting in the app.config file.
B. Modify the existing app.config file and rename it to user.config.
C. Modify the existing web.config file and rename it to custom.config.
D. Create a new configuration setting in the web.config file.

Correct Answer: D
What should you use to save Web application state information on the client side?
A. Application state
B. Cookies
C. Session state
D. Cache

Correct Answer: B
You need to find out whether a page form is being submitted to itself. Which ASP.NET page property should you use?
A. IsPageLoaded
B. IsPostBack
C. IsInitialPageLoad
D. IsReload

Correct Answer: B
You need to access an HTML table on an ASP.NET page from the code-behind file. Which two properties must you assign a value to? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)
A. name
B. id
C. runat
D. runas
Correct Answer: BC
In which language are web.config and machine.config files written?

Correct Answer: B
A Web page contains the following code:
objectmyCount = Request.QueryString[“count”];
The query string does not contain a variable named count.
What happens when the code executes?

A. myCount is an empty string.
B. myCount is 0.
C. myCount is null.
D. An exception is thrown. Correct Answer: C
You need to ensure that a page named 404.aspx is displayed for every 404 error on a Web site. What should you do?
A. Set a session variable to monitor 404 error status.
B. Create a 404 error handler on the home page.
C. Create a 404 error handler on the master page.
D. Add a 404 item to the <customErrors> section of web.config. Correct Answer: D
One reason for compiling an application in Release mode is to:
A. Check the code in to version control.
B. Compile without debugging symbols.
C. Prevent changes to the code.
D. Compile for processor optimization. Correct Answer: D
One reason to turn on tracing in a Web application is to:
A. Modify variable values at run time.
B. Track call execution time during page load.
C. View the cookies on the local computer.
D. Set the order in which event handlers run.

Correct Answer: B
In a try…catch…finally block, the purpose of finally is to execute code:
A. Regardless of whether an exception occurs.
B. That logs an exception.
C. Only if an exception occurs.
D. Only if an exception does not occur.

Correct Answer: A
To use ASP.NET AJAX controls on a page, those controls must be placed in an:
A. <asp:PageUpdate> control.
B. <asp:ScriptManager> control.
C. <asp:UpdatePanel> control.
D. <asp:ScriptManagerProxy> control.
Correct Answer: B
Your Web page contains the following code.

What is rendered when the Web page is loaded?
D. A

Correct Answer: A
A Web page has an <asp:Button> control and three <asp:TextBox> controls named txt1, txt2, and txt3.
When a user clicks the <asp:Button> control, the Web page calls a JavaScript function named Sum(). Sum () adds the values of txt1 and txt2, and places the resulting value into txt3.
Which attribute should you set on the <asp:Button> control to call Sum()?
A. OnClick=”Sum();”
B. CommandName=”Sum();”
C. OnCommand=”Sum();”
D. OnClientClick=”Sum();”
Correct Answer: D
Which client-side scripting language has the broadest browser support?
A. Java
C. VBScript
D. JavaScript
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 20
You are presenting data in an <asp:GridView> control on a Web page. You need to ensure that users can change the data and save it to the database.
Which data object should you use?
A. DataFind
B. DataSet
C. DataModel

D. DataGet Correct Answer: D

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Windows Operating System Fundamentals (98-349) Exam – 98-349 Question

Microsoft 98-363 Actual Test, 100% Success Rate Microsoft 98-363 Preparation Materials With The Knowledge And Skills

98-349 question

You need to configure a folder that allows everyone in your group to view and modify files. Which item in the Share With menu should you use? 
A. Specific People 
B. Nobody 
C. Homegroup (Read/Write) 
D. Homegroup (Read) 
Correct Answer: C

You need to modify the time displayed in the system tray. Which Control Panel feature should you use?
A. Appearance and Personalization
B. Display Properties
C. Administrative Tools
D. Clock, Language, and Region
Correct Answer: D

You insert a software installation DVD into your Windows 10 computer. The DVD does not launch automatically.
You need to perform a manual installation.
What should you do?
A. From Control Panel, use Programs.
B. From Control Panel, use Ease of Access.
C. Browse the contents of the hard disk drive and locate the Program Files folder.
D. Browse the contents of the DVD and locate the Setup file.
Correct Answer: D

Where should you configure settings to allow Workgroup users to use a printer connected to your computer?
A. In the System Configuration Utility
B. In the Computer Management console
C. In the Network and Sharing Center
D. In the Local Security Policy editor
Correct Answer: C

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. Each correct selection is
worth one point.
Hot Area:

Pass4itsure Microsoft 98-349 exam questions q5

Correct Answer:

Pass4itsure Microsoft 98-349 exam questions q5-2

What is the largest single file that you can store on an NTFS file system?
A. 4 TB
B. 8 TB
C. 16 TB
D. 32 GB
Correct Answer: C

You are an IT intern for Contoso, Ltd., which has five regional offices, all networked separately. Glen works in the
marketing department and has a Windows 7 Professional laptop computer. He has access to numerous network printers
each regional office. He also routinely brings his computer home and prints to his home printer.
In total, he has 20 printers in his list of printers, and he is frustrated that he has to change printers for each location.
What should you do to help Glen?
A. Instruct Glen that he must set the default printer when he visits each location for the first time.
B. Under Devices and Printers, select a printer. Set the Manage default printers option to Change my default printer
when I change networks.
C. Upgrade Glen\\’s laptop to Windows 7 Enterprise to enable location-aware printing.
D. Under Devices and Printers, right-click the default printer and select the Set as default printer option.
Correct Answer: B

You are a teaching assistant for a Basic Networking class. Periodically, you update class assignments in a Microsoft
Excel spreadsheet stored on a network drive.
You need to allow students who have laptops to always have a current copy of the assignments spreadsheet.
You access Control Panel as shown in the following image:

Pass4itsure Microsoft 98-349 exam questions q8

Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement. Each correct selection is worth
one point.
Hot Area:
Pass4itsure Microsoft 98-349 exam questions q8-2
Correct Answer:
Pass4itsure Microsoft 98-349 exam questions q8-3
Instructions: For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. NOTE: Each
correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:
Pass4itsure Microsoft 98-349 exam questions q9
Correct Answer:
Pass4itsure Microsoft 98-349 exam questions q9-2png
This question requires that you evaluate the underlined text to determine if it is correct.
By default, Windows 10 allows users with any user account to install manual updates.
Select the correct answer if the underlined text does not make the statement correct. Select “No change is needed” if
the underlined text makes the statement correct.
A. administrator user accounts
B. standard user accounts
C. guest user accounts
D. No change is needed.
Correct Answer: A
Which Windows feature should you use to assign a drive letter to a shared folder on the network?
A. Public Folder Sharing
B. Computer Management Console
C. Advanced Sharing
D. Map Network Drive
Correct Answer: D

In which location of Control Panel will you find the shortcut to manage the services on your Windows 7 computer?
A. The Hardware and Sound group under Devices and Printers
B. The Programs group under Programs and Features
C. The System and Security group under Administrative Tools
D. The Network and Internet group under Network and Sharing Center
Correct Answer: C
You need to secure the contents of your entire hard disk drive even if an unauthorized user steals your computer. Which
method should you use?
A. Rights Management Services
B. File-level share permissions
C. Password-protection
D. BitLocker encryption
Correct Answer: D

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