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Cisco 200-105 PDF With Quick Learning Exam Samples

This post completes the four posts about content changes in the exam topics for the new cisco 200-105 pdf.  Today’s post looks at a surprising number of conceptual additions to ICND2. It also touches on what exam topics have exited ICND2 (including a big one), and a few topics that have been bumped to a config/verify/troubleshoot performance level.

The List: New Describe Topics for ICND2 200-105 pdf

The new ICND2 200-105 pdf topics list several conceptual exam topics, all that use the verb describe, as paraphrased below:

1.7.a Describe… 802.1x (was already in the books; just new to the exam topics)

1.7.b Describe DHCP snooping

3.4 Describe WAN topology options

3.5.d Describe DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint VPN)

4.2 Describe the effects of cloud on enterprise WANs

4.3 Describe QoS concepts

5.5 Describe Network Programmability in an Enterprise network

200-105 exam

New Topics, Small/Medium Study Effort

Of these, the exam topics about 802.1x and WAN topology options probably require the least effort.

DHCP Snooping and DMVPN should require a little more work. DHCP Snooping requires you to think about DHCP protocol flows, and to think about ways an attacker might try to take advantage of DHCP to form an attack. So you have to think outside the box a little to understand the main concepts.

DMVPN has several layers of concept and protocol. While a particularly useful and popular protocol in real networks, it is a topic for which if you read about it looking at Cisco 200-105 pdf documents, you can seemingly keep reading and reading for a while. So it can be a pretty broad single topic to learn.

200-105 exam

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