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Here, first briefly introduce the examination situation.

Basic Information of AZ-400 Exam

The AZ-400 exam is also known as the Microsoft Azure DevOps solution exam. This exam is ideal for DevOps professionals involved in process, technology, and collaboration among people. The purpose of the AZ-400 exam is to verify the candidates’ skills in fulfilling this responsibility and providing services and products that meet user needs and business goals. There are four different languages for the exam, such as English, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese. The registration fee for the AZ-400 exam is US$165. This is all the basic information I can give you about the AZ-400 exam.


AZ-400 Exam Mandatory Prerequisites

As shown in the image below:

Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

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Valid Microsoft AZ-400 Dumps Questions And Answers 1-13

AZ-400 exam questions answers can help you check whether you have the recommended knowledge and experience for the exam. You can try 13 free questions for AZ 400 exam

You are configuring the settings of a new Git repository in Azure Repos.

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