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[June-2021] Get Pass4itsure (Microsoft 98-349) Exam Dumps As Practice Test And PDF

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Microsoft 98-349 exam questions in PDF file

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Following are some Microsoft 98-349 exam questions for review (Microsoft 98-349 practice test 1-13)

Which two versions of Windows 7 support the Encrypting File System (EFS) functionality? (Each correct answer
presents a complete solution. Choose two.)
A. Professional Edition
B. Ultimate Edition
C. Home Premium Edition
D. Starter Edition
Correct Answer: BD

Your roommate complains that her computer is showing an error message that says ActivateWindowsSearch scheduled
task failed to run. To troubleshoot the error you go to Task Scheduler and view the properties of the
ActivateWindowsSearch task, as shown in the following image:

98-349 exam questions-q2

Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement. Each correct selection is worth
one point.

98-349 exam questions-q2-2

Last time you turned on your computer, Windows started correctly. Now Windows starts but fails before the login
prompt. What is the first step you should try to troubleshoot this problem?
A. Restore a system image to the drive.
B. Restart the computer, press F8, and select Last Known Good Configuration.
C. Restart the computer, press F8, and select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
D. Restart the computer, press F8, and select Start Windows Normally.
Correct Answer: D

Which three tasks can you perform by using Microsoft Management Console (MMQ? (Choose three.)
A. Add new snap-ins to Windows administrative tools.
B. View a remote user\\’s desktop to troubleshoot and resolve problems.
C. Create Taskpads to provide a custom view of available options.
D. Create custom consoles containing assortments of administrative tools.
E. Run cmdlets to run various system operations.
F. Run a remote server application to perform a function.
Correct Answer: ACD

You have an internship at a company that wants you to help deploy Windows 7 to a dozen computers. The company
uses the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit instead of System Center Configuration Manager.
Which three migration methods are possible? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: BCD

Windows Aero is a:
A. Pointing device
B. Device driver
C. Desktop theme
D. Windows application
Correct Answer: C

Where should you view the list of services on your Windows 7 computer?
A. From the Windows Task Manager dialog box
B. From the Windows Registry
C. From the System Properties dialog box
D. From the Windows Action Center
Correct Answer: A

The purpose of a Public folder is to:
A. share files with only one person on a network.
B. share files with everyone on a network.
C. share files with a selected group of people on a network.
D. back up files to a location on a network.
Correct Answer: B

You need to install Windows 7 over an existing version of Windows.
Which type of installation should you use to retain all your files, settings, and programs on your computer?
A. Use the Windows Easy Transfer tool, and select Custom (advanced).
B. Use the Windows 7 installation disk to perform a system repair.
C. Use the Windows Easy Transfer tool, and select Upgrade.
D. Use the Windows 7 installation disk to perform a clean installation.
Correct Answer: C

Windows hides some files by default to:
A. Avoid accidental modification or deletion of system files.
B. Protect the confidentiality of the contents of files.
C. Improve access to system files.
D. Save disk space.
Correct Answer: A

Your friend asks for your help with upgrading his computer to Windows 10. You plan to perform a clean install of
Windows 10 on his computer, which has Windows 8.1 installed. What should you tell your friend he will be able to find
on the computer\\’s hard drive after the installation is complete?
A. previous Windows8.1 installation
B. backup copy of all personal files
C. user profiles migrated to Windows 10
D. Windows 10 installation files
Correct Answer: D

You install a new monitor to your Windows 10 computer.
The following graphic shows the driver recommendations for the monitor.

98-349 exam questions-q12

Instructions: Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement based on the
information presented in the graphic. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:

98-349 exam questions-q12-2

Correct Answer:

98-349 exam questions-q12-2

You need to configure a folder that allows everyone in your department to view and edit the files in the folder. You also
need to ensure that users outside the department cannot access the files.
What should you do?
A. Grant access to a single user by using the Share With menu.
B. Grant read access to specific people by using the Share With menu.
C. Place the files in one of the Windows public folders.
D. Grant read/write access to specific people by using the Share With menu.
Correct Answer: D


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