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Brilliant Cisco Specialist 700-765 Dumps Pdf [2020] Free

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Cisco Specialist 700-765 Dumps, 700-765 Dumps PDF

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Updated: May 17, 2020

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Cisco 700-765 Dumps PDF – Actual 700-765 Exam Questions

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Which two products empower customers to create secure next-gen networks? (Choose two.)
E. SD-Access
Correct Answer: AE

Which two elements does Advanced Malware Protection provide? (Choose two.)
A. dynamic URL filtering
B. advanced analytics
C. dynamic data analysis
D. intrusion analysis
E. reputation analytics
Correct Answer: BC

What is a continuous protection feature of Advanced Malware Protection?
A. Behavioral Indicators of Compromise
B. Sandboxing File Analysis
C. Global Threat Intelligence
D. File Reputation
Correct Answer: A

Which feature of AnyConnect provides better access security across wired and wireless connections with 802.1X?
A. Trusted Network Detection
B. Secure Layer 2 Network Access
C. Flexible AAA Options
D. AnyConnect with AMP
Correct Answer: D

How does AMP\\’s file reputation feature help customers?
A. It increases the protection to systems with exact fingerprinting
B. It increases the accuracy of threat detection with Big Data analytics
C. It enables point in time detection through a one-to-one engine
D. It enables secure web browsing with cognitive threat analytics
Correct Answer: C

What are the three security blind spots that must be addressed? (Choose three.)
B. Workloads
C. Applications
D. Networks
E. Email
F. Data
Correct Answer: CDF

What are the main features of Umbrella for Cloud-Delivered Security?
A. Protects users against DDOS attacks
B. Blocks malware, C2 callbacks, and phishing over any port/protocol
C. Runs suspicious cloud applications in a sandbox environment
D. Handles 130B+ DNS requests daily with 99% uptime
Correct Answer: D

What is an attribute of Cisco Talos?
A. Real-time threat information
B. 3rd party applications integrated through comprehensive APIs
C. Blocks threats in real-time
D. Detection of threats communicated within 48 hours of the occurrence
Correct Answer: A

What are two core functionalities of DNS-layer security? (Choose two.)
A. Live threat intelligence
B. Real-time sandboxing
C. Proxy and file inspection
D. Data analytics and monitoring
E. URL filtering
Correct Answer: AB

In the Campus NGFW use case, which capability is provided by NGFW and NGIPS?
A. Flexible AAA Options
B. Identity Services Engine
C. Differentiated Mobile Access
D. High throughput maintained while still protecting domains against threats
Correct Answer: D

Which two security areas are part of Cisco\\’s campus and branch solutions? (Choose two.)
A. Network Analytics
B. Mobile Access
C. Behavioral Indication of Compromise
D. Remote Access VPN
E. File Retrospection and Trajectory
Correct Answer: CD

What is a key feature of Application Visibility and Control?
A. Automated remediation APIs
B. Retrospective security
C. Scalable policy inheritance
D. Control of protocol-hopping apps that evade traditional firewalls
Correct Answer: D

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Updates Cisco 350-901 DEVCOR exam practice questions


Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q1

Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q1-2

Refer to the exhibit. Which line of code must be added to this code snippet to allow an application to pull the next set of
paginated items?
A. requests.get(url, links=[`next\\’][`url\\’])
B. requests.get(url, headers=links[`next\\’][`url\\’])
C. requests.get(res.links[`next\\’][`url\\’], headers=headers)
D. requests.get(res.headers.get(`Link”)[`next\\’][`url\\’], headers=headers)
Correct Answer: C

Which two situations are flagged by software tools designed for dependency checking in continuous integration
environments, such as OWASP? (Choose two.)
A. publicly disclosed vulnerabilities related to the included dependencies
B. mismatches in coding styles and conventions in the included dependencies
C. incompatible licenses in the included dependencies
D. test case failures introduced by bugs in the included dependencies
E. buffer overflows to occur as the result of a combination of the included dependencies
Correct Answer: AE

Which HTTP status code indicates that a client application is experiencing intentional rate limiting by the server?
A. 202
B. 401
C. 429
D. 503
Correct Answer: C

Which two techniques protect against injection attacks? (Choose two.)
A. input validation
B. trim whitespace
C. limit text areas to 255 characters
D. string escaping of user free text and data entry
E. only use dropdown, checkbox, and radio button fields
Correct Answer: AE


Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q5

Refer to the exhibit. An Intersight API is being used to query RackUnit resources that have a tag keyword set to “Site”.
What is the expected output of this command?
A. list of all resources that have a tag with the keyword “Site”
B. error message because the Value field was not specified
C. error message because the tag filter should be lowercase
D. list of all sites that contain RackUnit tagged compute resources
Correct Answer: A

Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the correct data processing techniques on the right, in the context of
Select and Place:

Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q6

Correct Answer:

Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q6-2

A web application is susceptible to cross-site scripting. Which two methods allow this issue to be mitigated? (Choose
A. Use only drop downs.
B. Limit user input to acceptable characters.
C. Encrypt user input on the client side.
D. Use AES encryption to secure the script.
E. Remove all HTML/XML tags from user input.
Correct Answer: BD


Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q8

Refer to the exhibit. A system administrator has installed a Linux-based alarm system in their home that can execute a
Bash shell script when an intruder is detected. Drag and drop the code snippets from the left onto the item numbers on
the right that match the missing sections in the exhibit to create a chat-ops script that will notify of alarms via the Webex
Teams REST API. Not all code snippets are used.
Select and Place:

Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q8-2

Correct Answer:

Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q8-2


Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. a developer created the code, but it fails to execute. Which code snippet helps to identify the

Microsoft-technet 350-901 exam questions-q9-2

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: C

Which two methods are API security best practices? (Choose two.)
A. Use tokens after the identity of a client has been established.
B. Use the same operating system throughout the infrastructure.
C. Use encryption and signatures to secure data.
D. Use basic auth credentials over all internal API interactions.
E. Use cloud hosting services to manage security configuration.
Correct Answer: AC

Which RFC5988 (Web Linking) relation type is used in the Link header to control pagination in APIs?
A. rel=”index”
B. rel=”page”
C. rel=”next”
D. rel=”section”
Correct Answer: C

Application sometimes store configuration as constants in the code, which is a violation of strict separation of
configuration from code. Where should application configuration be stored?
A. environment variables
B. YAML files
C. Python libraries
D. Dockerfiles
E. INI files
Correct Answer: B

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