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CheckPoint 156-115.80 Exam Study Guide:

156-115.80 Study Guide

Free CheckPoint 156-115.80 Practice Exam Questions

In order to review the IPS statistics to determine if adjustments can be made to improve performance, which command
would you use to get the appropriate information?
A. fw monitor –e “accept IPS_stats;” >> ips_statistics.xml
B. fw ctl debug –m ips debug_compilation
C. fw ctl set int enable_ips_debug_output 1
D. $FWDIR/scripts/get_ips_statistics.sh 60
Correct Answer: D

What is the correct command to turn off an IKE debug?
A. vpn debug ikeoff
B. fw ctl debug ikeoff
C. vpn debug ikeoff 0
D. fw ctl vpn debug ikeoff
Correct Answer: A
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Which of the following ports are used for SIC?
A. 18355 and 18356
B. 18210 and 18211
C. 257 and 258
D. 18192 and 18193
Correct Answer: B
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When troubleshooting acceleration issues on a Security Gateway, you notice that the fw_worker_x process is
consuming about 100% processing power. What can be done to stop this from happening?
A. Assign more CPU cores to the system
B. Use fwaccel stop/start release process
C. Edit the registry file to increase virtual memory
D. Remove the memory file in /proc/ and recreate it
Correct Answer: A

Which kernel table stores information about NAT connections?
A. connections
B. tab_nat_conn
C. xlate
D. fwx_alloc
Correct Answer: D
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What does the command “vpn shell tunnels delete all ike” do?
A. Delete only outbound_SPI tables
B. Deletes all IKE and IPSEC SA\\’s
C. Deletes all IKE configuration on the Gateway
D. Deletes all IKE SA\\’s
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is NOT a special consideration while running fw monitor on production firewall?
A. While executing fw monitor, you need to specify an expression so that it captures the required traffic instead of all traffic
B. While running fw monitor on a busy firewall, the –ci and –co switches can be used to limit the number of packets
C. While running fw monitor, it resets all the debug flags
D. During a fw monitor, the firewall will have to process more packets because SecureXL acceleration should be
Correct Answer: C

John works for ABC Corporation. They have enabled CoreXL on their firewall. John would like to identify the cores on
which the SND runs and the cores on which the firewall instance is running. Which command should John run to view
the CPU role allocation?
A. fw ctl affinity –v
B. fwaccel stat –l
C. fwaccel stat –l
D. fw ctl cores
Correct Answer: C

What is the default and maximum number of entries in the ARP Cache Table in a Check Point appliance?
A. 1,024 and 4,096
B. 4,096 and 16,384
C. 4,096 and 65,536
D. 1,024 and 16,384
Correct Answer: D
Reference: click here 

Which of the following is correct in a Threat Prevention policy?
A. Threat Prevention inspects traffic to all objects specified in the Protected Scope
B. Threat Prevention inspects traffic to and/or from all objects specified in the Protected Scope
C. Threat Prevention is applied based on the profile. Protection Scope does not have any relevance
D. Threat Prevention inspects traffic from all objects specified in the protected Scope
Correct Answer: B
Reference: click here 

A Firewall administrator is attempting to push a policy to a new Security Gateway for a remote office but the installation
fails. The Management Server IP is Initial troubleshooting shows that policy is successfully transferred to the
Gateway. What command would you use to attempt to identify the cause of the issue?
A. fw ctl debug –T –f > /var/log/p_debug.txt
B. cp_merge export_policy –s –n Standard $var/log/
C. fw ctl debug –m
D. fw fetchlocal –d $FWDIR/state/_tmp/FW1
Correct Answer: D

When enabling hyper-threading on a Security Gateway, the administrator needs to make sure there is enough
_______________ to support additional CoreXL Firewall instances.
A. drive space
B. cpu\\’s
C. available cache
D. available memory
Correct Answer: D
Reference: click here 

Fill in the blank. The tool ____________________ generates a R80 Security Gateway configuration report.
A. infoCP
B. infoview
C. cpinfo
D. fw cpinfo
Correct Answer: C

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