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MS-500 practice exam online

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You create a sensitivity label named secret and enable encryption. On the assign permission page, you select all tenant
members. A user Sally creates a team in Teams and invites a guest user Kevin. Sally creates a document in Word and
applies the secret label.

She uploads to document to the Teams file library. Select which items are true. (Choose three.)

A. Sally successfully uploads the document to Teams
B. Kevin can see the document listed in the Teams files library
C. Kevin can download the document from the Teams files library
D. Kevin can open the document and view the content

Correct Answer: ABC

Everyone in your organization (the all tenant members setting) excludes B2B guest accounts Kevin is a B2B guest in
this scenario. He can therefore not open the document. DLP settings are not mentioned in the scenario and are the only thing that could prevent the uploading of AIP-labelled content to Teams.

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