[2017-November-Version] Discount Cisco 200-155 Dumps DCICT PDF Exam Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies Guaranteed Success [With Youtube]

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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

A BlackBerry device user lost her BlackBerry device. What should a system administrator do to prevent her confidential data from being accessed by another person? (Choose one.)
A. Delete her BlackBerry device user account in BlackBerry Manager.
B. In the IT Admin Tasks pane, select Erase Data and Disable Handheld.
C. Contact the service provider and request that service on the BlackBerry device be terminated.
D. In BlackBerry Manager, right-click on the username and choose Wipe Handheld.
E. Advise the BlackBerry device user to change her email account password immediately.
200-155 exam Answer: B
A BlackBerry device appears to have stopped responding and an hour glass is displayed on the screen. The BlackBerry device is connected to the computer, but its status is shown as Disconnected in BlackBerry Desktop Manager. What are two ways to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Click Options or Settings on the BlackBerry device Home screen > Select Advanced Options > Click Wipe Handheld.
B. Perform a full back up of the BlackBerry device data and turn on advanced logging. Find the corrupt database indicated in the log, clear the corrupt database, and then restore the database to the BlackBerry device.
C. Install the latest version of BlackBerry Device Software on the computer and run the application loader process.
D. Remove the battery from the BlackBerry device while it is connected to the computer and run the application loader process. During the application loader process, re-insert the battery and complete the process.
E. Click Options or Settings on the BlackBerry device Home screen > Select Advance Settings > Click Application Configuration > Select Allow Java Script and Allow JVM.
Answer: C,D
Which organizer data application is unsupported for synchronization in BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.2.2? (Choose one.)
A. Sage ACT! 6.0
B. Novell GroupWise 6.5.7
C. Yahoo! Mail
D. IBM Lotus Notes 6.5
E. Microsoft Outlook 98
200-155 dumps Answer: E
The Directory Number range for a customer dialing plan is 2500-2599. Which entry indicates the number of
digitals of the CDP Dialed Number (NCDP) for this dialing plan?
A. 4

B. 6
C. 8
D. 12
Correct Answer: A
Click the Exhibit button.
The local Central Office required that all calls dialed utilize dialing, however users forget to dial the NPA for
local calls. Which DMI entry would be utilized to insert the NPA of 214 when a user dials 9- 774-3299?
A. DMI Table 1
B. DMI Table 2
C. DMI Table 3
D. DMI Table 4
200-155 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
Your customer has a Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system equipped with System Errors and
Events Lookup pack 245 that provides the ability to display system messages on screen. When a system
message in received, which procedure should you use to look it up and display it on the screen?
A. Enter the system error number followed by <cr>For example, bug4080<cr>
B. Enter bug followed by the system error code and <cr>.For example, bugerr4080<cr>
C. Enter errcde followed by the system error code and <cr>.For example, errcde bug4080<cr>
D. Enter err followed by the system error code followed by <cr>.For example, err bug4080<cr>

Correct Answer: A
Click the Exhibit button.
A customer has asked if the Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system can provide Exchange users
with the ability to selectively drop people that have been added to a conference. Based on the print-outs,
what capabilities are currently available to the user of extension 2006?
A. The user cannot see the conferee display count or selectively disconnect callers.
B. Theuser can see the conferee display count and can selectively disconnect callers.
C. The user can see the conferee display count but cannot selectively disconnect callers.
D. The user cannot see the confereedisplay count butselectively disconnect callers.
200-155 vce 
Correct Answer: B
In order to set up the Customer Data Block within Element Manager to support Zone Based Dialing, and
assuming Package 420 ZBD Package is installed and active, what needs to be done first?
A. Configure Numbering Zones.
B. Select the Private Dial Plan from the customer’s Features page.
C. Select the Public Dial Plan from the customer’s Features page.
D. Select the “Enable Numbering Zones” option from the customer’s Feature page.
Correct Answer: D
Click the Exhibit button.
Consider the a customer’s dialing plan shown in the exhibit, which detail on-net and off-net dialing
TIE trunks between Location A and Location B are currently out of service.
TIE trunks between Location B and Location D are currently out of service.
All over TIE trunks are fully functional.
Which route will a call to LOC 304-2001 take if it originates from location B?
A. TIE BD to LocationD.
B. TIEAB to Location A.
C. TIE BD to LocationD,then TIE CD to Location C then TIE AC to Location A
D. The callwill not leave the originating PBX
200-155 exam 
Correct Answer: D
Click the Exhibit button.
Given the customer’s programmed database shown in the exhibit and where AC1 = 9, which RLI will call
complete when a station user dials 9-814-666-3434?
A. RLI 2
B. RLI 3
C. RLI 4
D. RLI 9
E. Call will not complete as dialed
200-155 dumps 
Correct Answer: E
Click the Exhibit button.
You are adding ten digital telephones as required by a customer work order. The customer wants the user
to see the calling or called name associated with the number dialed.
Which Customer Level feature from the list shown in the exhibit, must first be provisioned before you can
enter names in at the station level?
A. Call Redirection
B. Feature Options
C. Listed Directory Number
D. Call Party Name Display
Correct Answer: D

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