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[2017-November-Version] Best Cisco Video Training For Most Reliable Cisco 300-115 Dumps SWITCH Exam Download for The Cisco Learning Network

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Exam Code: 300-115
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
Q&As: 456

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300-115 dumps

While working in the core network building, a technician accidently bumps the fiber connection between two core switches and damages one of the pairs of fiber. As designed, the link was placed into a non-forwarding state due to a fault with UDLD. After the damaged cable was replaced, the link did not recover. What solution allows the network switch to automatically recover from such an issue?
A. macros
B. errdisable autorecovery
C. IP Event Dampening
D. command aliases
E. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
300-115 exam 
Correct Answer: B
There are a number of events which can disable a link on a Catalyst switch, such as the detection of a loopback, UDLD failure, or a broadcast storm. By default, manual intervention by an administrator is necessary to restore the interface to working order; this can be done by issuing shutdown followed by no shutdown on the interface. The idea behind requiring administrative action is so that a human engineer can intercede, assess, and (ideally) correct the issue. However, some
configurations may be prone to accidental violations, and a steady recurrence of these can amount to a huge time sink for the administrative staff. This is where errdisable autorecovery can be of great assistance. We can configure the switch to automatically re-enable any error-disabled interfaces after a specified timeout period. This gives the offending issue a chance to be cleared by the user (for example, by removing an unapproved device) without the need for administrative intervention.
A network engineer deployed a switch that operates the LAN base feature set and decides to use the SDM VLAN template. The SDM template is causing the CPU of the switch to spike during peak working hours. What is the root cause of this issue?
A. The VLAN receives additional frames from neighboring switches.
B. The SDM VLAN template causes the MAC address-table to overflow.
C. The VLAN template disables routing in hardware.
D. The switch needs to be rebooted before the SDM template takes effect.
Correct Answer: C
SDM Template Notes:
All templates are predefined. There is no way to edit template category individual values. 
The switch reload is required to use a new SDM template. The ACL merge algorithm, as opposed to the original access control entries (ACEs) configured by the user, generate the number of TCAM entries listed for security and QoS ACEs. The first eight lines (up to Security ACEs) represent approximate hardware boundaries set when a template is used. If the boundary is exceeded, all processing
overflow is sent to the CPU which can have a major impact on the performance of the switch. Choosing the VLAN template will actually disable routing (number of entry for unicast or multicast route is zero) in hardware.
An access switch has been configured with an EtherChannel port. After configuring SPAN to monitor this port, the network administrator notices that not all traffic is being replicated to the management server. What is a cause for this issue?
A. VLAN filters are required to ensure traffic mirrors effectively.
B. SPAN encapsulation replication must be enabled to capture EtherChannel destination traffic.
C. The port channel can be used as a SPAN source, but not a destination.
D. RSPAN must be used to capture EtherChannel bidirectional traffic.
300-115 dumps 
Correct Answer: C
A source port or EtherChannel is a port or EtherChannel monitored for traffic analysis. You can configure both Layer 2 and Layer 3 ports and EtherChannels as SPAN sources. SPAN can monitor one or more source ports or EtherChannels in a single SPAN session. You can configure ports or EtherChannels in any VLAN as SPAN sources. Trunk ports or EtherChannels can be configured as sources and mixed with nontrunk sources. A port-channel interface (an EtherChannel) can be a SPAN source, but not a destination. Reference:
Refer to the exhibit.
300-115 dumps

What is the result of the configuration?
A. The EtherChannels would not form because the load-balancing method must match on the devices.
B. The EtherChannels would form and function properly even though the load-balancing and EtherChannel modes do not match.
C. The EtherChannels would form, but network loops would occur because the load-balancing methods do not match.
D. The EtherChannels would form and both devices would use the dst-ip load-balancing method because Switch1 is configured with EtherChannel mode active.
Correct Answer: B
An etherchannel will form if one end is active and the other is passive. The table below sum- marizes the results for LACP channel establishment based on the configuration of each side of a link: LACP Channel Establishment S1 S2 Established?
On On Yes
Active/Passive Active Yes
On/Active/Passive Not Configured No
On Active No
Passive/On Passive No
Load balancing can only be configured globally. As a result, all channels (manually configured, PagP, or LACP) use the same load-balancing. This is true for the switch globally, although each switch involved in the etherchannel can have non matching parameters for load balancing.
A network engineer tries to configure storm control on an EtherChannel bundle. What is the result of the configuration?
A. The storm control settings will appear on the EtherChannel, but not on the associated physical ports.
B. The configuration will be rejected because storm control is not supported for EtherChannel.
C. The storm control configuration will be accepted, but will only be present on the physical interfaces.
D. The settings will be applied to the EtherChannel bundle and all associated physical interfaces.
300-115 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
After you configure an EtherChannel, any configuration that you apply to the port-channel interface affects the EtherChannel; any configuration that you apply to the physical interfaces affects only the interface where you apply the configuration. Storm Control is an exception to this rule. For example, you cannot configure Storm Control on some of the members of an EtherChannel; Storm Control must be configured on all or none of the ports. If you configure Storm Control on only some of the ports, those ports will be dropped from the EtherChannel interface (put in suspended state). Therefore, you should configure Storm Control at the EtherChannel Interface level, and not at the physical interface level. Reference: 

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[2017-May-Version] First-hand Cisco CCDP 300-320 Dumps ARCH Exam Video Experience are Important

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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCDP
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
Exam Code: 300-320
Total Questions: 304 Q&As
Last Updated: May 14, 2017

Objectives of 300-320 Exam:

CCDP 300-320 ARCH describe the following topics areas

  • Create stable, secure, and scalable routing designs for IS-IS
  • Design a network to support network programmability
  • Design Extranet connectivity

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Examzoon Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-320 Dumps Exam Q&As  

Which protocol should be configured if a network administrator wants to configure multiple physical
gateways to participate simultaneously in packet forwarding?
Correct Answer: C
Which two design concerns must be addressed when designing a multicast implementation? (Choose
A. only the low-order 23 bits of the MAC address are used to map IP addresses
B. only the low-order 24 bits of the MAC address are used to map IP addresses
C. only the high-order 23 bits of the MAC address are used to map IP addresses
D. only the low-order 23 bits of the IP address are used to map MAC addresses
E. the 0x01004f MAC address prefix is used for mapping IP addresses to MAC addresses
F. the 0x01005e MAC address prefix is used for mapping IP addresses to MAC addresses
Correct Answer: AF
Which two ways to support secure transport of multicast traffic are true? (Choose two.)
A. Use spoke-to-spoke design.
B. Use IPsec over GRE tunnel.
D. Use NBMA instead of broadcast.
E. Disable encryption for multicast traffic.
Correct Answer: BC
A customer with a single Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance wants to separate multiple segments of the e
commerce network to allow for different security policies. What firewall technology accommodates these
design requirements?
A. virtual contexts
B. private VLANs
C. admission control
D. virtual private network
Correct Answer: A
The Cisco Nexus 1000V is intended to address which disadvantage of the VMware vSphere solution?
A. Inability to deploy new functional servers without requiring physical changes on the network
B. Complexity added by the requirement for an ESX host for each virtual machine
C. Network administrators lack control of the access layer of the network
D. To increase the number of physical infrastructure and the virtual machines that can be managed

Correct Answer: C
Which option is correct when using VSS to combine two physical switches into one logical switch?
A. Both data planes forward traffic simultaneously.
B. Only one data plane forwards traffic, while the other data plane is on standby.
C. Both control planes forward traffic simultaneously.
D. Control planes are combined into one virtual control plane.
Correct Answer: D
Which protocol is best when there are circuit connections with two different ISPs in a multihoming
C. IPsec
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following two are effective and simple means of employing route summarization within the
Enterprise Campus network? (Choose two)
A. A default route ( /0) advertised dynamically into the rest of the network
B. Route filtering to manage traffic flows in the network, avoid inappropriate transit traffic through remote
nodes, and provide a defense against inaccurate or inappropriate routing updates
C. Use manual split horizon
D. Use a structured hierarchical topology to control the propagation of EIGRP queries
E. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) stub areas
Correct Answer: AE
Which protocol should be run on the LAN side of two edge routers (that are terminating primary and
backup WAN circuits) to provide quick failover in case of primary WAN circuit failure?
Correct Answer: C

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