[2017-October-Version] Best Cisco CCNP 300-135 Dumps TSHOOT PDF Practise Questions on Youtube Online

How to get prepared for the Cisco 300-135 dumps? Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT 300-135) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification. Best Cisco CCNP 300-135 dumps TSHOOT pdf practise questions on youtube online. Pass4itsure Cisco https://www.pass4itsure.com/300-135.html dumps exam questions answers are updated (118 Q&As) are verified by experts.

Exam Code: 300-135
Exam Name: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks
Q&As: 118
Duration: 120 minutes (15-25 questions)

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The TSHOOT Cisco 300-135 dumps exam certifies that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Plan and perform regular maintenance on complex enterprise routed and switched networks
  • Use technology-based practices and a systematic ITIL-compliant approach to perform network troubleshooting

300-135 dumps

Formal communication includes which of these options?
A. Theusers title and family name plus social discussion
B. Theusers first name, no titles plus social discussion
C. Theusers title and no social discussion
D. The users first name, social discussion and business terminology
300-135 exam Answer: C
During a recent training course on effective telephone skills you learnt about effective call
management. Which call management principle must you fulfil to ensure that all the calls you
receive are handled in a professional and effective manner?
A. Focus on ending the call as rapidly as possible
B. Focus on thecallers accent and attempt to speak to him/her in the same way
C. Focus on doing what is needed to provide a satisfactory resolution
D. Focus on using silent time to catch up with your emails
Answer: C
Which option best describes the benefits of professionally managing a call?
A. Itoptimises talk time and reduces the volume of calls handled
B. It increases the problem resolution rate and the level of customer satisfaction
C. It increases the average call duration and establishes credibility for the Service Desk
D. It increases the confidence of the SDA and the level of customer satisfaction
300-135 dumps Answer: D
How best might you use silent time during a call?
A. By reviewing with the userwhats happened with the call so far
B. By clearly identifying whether this is a Service Desk issue
C. By asking about the users emotional state

D. By describing the detail of the behind-the-scenes support process
Answer: A
Which of these options is the most important thing to remember to ensure that your verbal skills
are good?
A. Learn a new word every day and use it in all conversations
B. Use well structured sentences to give better explanations
C. Speak with brevity to give clear explanations
D. Speak in a manner that matches the style of the user
300-135 pdf Answer: D
Matching the users communication style is important because
A. It increases comprehension, understanding and customer satisfaction levels
B. It increases comprehension, understanding and reduces call volumes
C. It increases comprehension, understanding and reduces call duration
D. It increases comprehension, understanding and first contact resolution
Answer: A
What can you do to build rapport and match a users communication approach?
A. Try using formal levels of communication
B. Avoid emotional and overly-expressive vocabulary
C. Use similar technical terms to the user
D. Avoid using technical language completely
300-135 vce Answer: C
Which option is NOT a type of non-verbal communication?
A. Eye contact
B. Body language
C. Facial expressions
D. Open questions
Answer: D
Which of these options is NOT a principle of active listening?
A. Sympathising with the user
B. Minimising distractions
C. Repeating for verification
D. Listening for ideas and images
300-135 exam Answer: A

Which of the following BEST describes partners’ in the phrase people, processes,
products and partners”?
A. Suppliers, manufacturers and vendors

B. Customers
C. Internal departments
D. The facilities management function
Answer: A
Which process will perform risk analysis and review of all suppliers and contracts on
a regular basis?
A. The service level management
B. The IT service continuity management
C. The service catalogue management
D. The supplier management
300-135 dumps Answer: D
The experiences, ideas, insights and values of individuals are examples of
which level of understanding within knowledge management?
A. Data
B. Information
C. Knowledge
D. Governance
Answer: C
Which one of the following contains information that is passed to service transition to
enable the implementation of a new service?
A. A service option
B. A service transition package (STP)
C. A service design package (SDP)
D. A service charter

300-135 pdf Answer: C
Which of the following would commonly be found in a contract underpinning an IT
1. Financial arrangements related to the contract
2. Description of the goods or service provided
3. Responsibilities and dependencies for both parties
A. 1 and 2 only
B. 1 and 3 only
C. 2 and 3 only
D. All of the above
Answer: D
Service transition contains detailed descriptions of which processes?
A. Change management, service asset and configuration management, release and
deployment management
B. Change management, capacity management event management, service request
C. Service level management, service portfolio management, service asset and
configuration management
D. Service asset and configuration management, release and deployment
management, request fulfillment
300-135 vce Answer: A
Which statement should NOT be part of the value proposition for Service Design?
A. Reduced total cost of ownership
B. Improved quality of service
C. Improved Service alignment with business goals
D. Better balance of technical skills to support live services

Answer: D
Which process would be used to compare the value that newer services have offered
over those they have replaced?
A. Availability management
B. Capacity management
C. Service portfolio management
D. Service catalogue management
300-135 exam Answer: C
Consider the following list:
1. Change authority
2. Change manager
3. Change advisory board (CAB)
Which one of the following is the BEST description of the items above?
A. Job descriptions
B. Functions
C. Teams
D. Roles, people or groups
Answer: D
Hierarchic escalation is BEST described as?
A. Notifying more senior levels of management about an incident
B. Passing an incident to people with a greater level of technical skill
C. Using more senior specialists than necessary to resolve an Incident to
maintain customer satisfaction
D. Failing to meet the incident resolution times specified in a service level agreement
300-135 dumps Answer: A
Which one of the following functions would be responsible for the management of a
data centre?
A. Technical management
B. Service desk
C. Application management
D. Facilities management
Answer: D
Which one of the following would be the MOST useful in helping to define roles and
responsibilities in an organizational structure?
A. RACI model
B. Incident model
C. Continual service improvement (CSI) approach
D. The Deming Cycle
300-135 pdf Answer: A
Which process will regularly analyse incident data to identify discernible trends?
A. Service level management
B. Problem management
C. Change management
D. Event management
Answer: B

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