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Exam Code: 210-260
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
Q&As: 310

210-260 dumps

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210-260 dumps

Which method could you use to create a new formula in your report?
A. Right-click on the Formula Fields category in the Report Explorer and choose the New option.
B. Select the New Formula option from the Insert menu.
C. Select the New Formula option from the Format menu.
D. Right-click on the Formula Fields category in the Field Explorer and choose the New option.
210-260 exam Answer: D
Which method can you use to display a field when specific criteria are met?
A. Conditionally format the field in the Field Editor.
B. Conditionally format the field in the Section Expert.
C. Conditionally format the field in the Select Expert.
D. Conditionally format the field in the Format Editor.
Answer: D
How can you modify a report to display the word “low” when the field value is 0 – 4, and the word “high” when the field value is 5 – 9?
A. Create a new conditional suppression formula.
B. Use the Select Expert.
C. Create a new conditional display string formula.
D. Use the Highlighting Expert.
210-260 dumps Answer: C
Which two options can you select in the Group Expert? (Choose two.)
A. Bottom N
B. In specified order
C. In original order
D. Top N
Answer: B, C
Which two formulas will determine the number of elements in an array? (Choose two.)
A. Global NumberVar Array simpleArray; Count(simpleArray);
B. Global NumberVar Array simpleArray; Value(simpleArray);
C. Global NumberVar Array simpleArray; UBound(simpleArray);
D. Global NumberVar Array simpleArray; Number(simpleArray);
210-260 pdf Answer: A, C
Which formula returns the sum of Last Year’s Sales by Country?
A. sum(Customer.Last Year’s Sales,{Customer.Country})
B. sum({Customer.Last Year’s Sales}{Customer.Country})
C. sum({Customer.Last Year’s Sales},{Customer.Country})
D. sum({Customer.Country},{Customer.Last Year’s Sales})
Answer: C
What type of data does Crystal Reports 2008 store when exporting to XML?
A. Static
B. Ad-hoc
C. Dynamic
D. On-Demand
210-260 vce Answer: A
You must change the logo used in your Crystal reports on a regular basis. Your company owns a license for Crystal Reports but does not own a license for BusinessObjects Enterprise. Which option can you use to easily change the logo?
A. Add to the Repository
B. Dynamic Graphic Location
C. Dynamic Prompt Parameter
D. Convert Picture Object
Answer: B
Which option will you choose from the Group Select Expert to display the countries that generate the least orders?
A. Top N
B. Descending
C. No Sort
D. Bottom N
210-260 exam Answer: D
You are designing a Crystal report that contains a Gantt chart designed to assist in project management. Which fields must you select to create this chart?

A. One “For Each Record” field and one date field under “Show values”
B. Two “For Each Record” fields and one date field under “Show values”
C. Two “For Each Record” fields and two date fields under “Show values”
D. One “For Each Record” field and two date fields under “Show values”
Answer: D
You want to add a drillable Xcelsius chart to a report. Which method must you use?
A. Send the Crystal report fields to the Xcelsius chart via formula fields.
B. Map the Crystal report fields to the Xcelsius chart in the Formula Editor.
C. Send the Crystal report fields to the Xcelsius chart via shared variables.
D. Map the Crystal report fields to the Xcelsius chart in the Flash Data Binding Expert.
210-260 dumps Answer: D
What is the reason you are unable to edit a report that was created against an ODBC data source?
A. The report field is not dynamic.
B. You did not authenticate to the data source.
C. The ODBC data source is too large for the report.
D. You set the report to read-only.
Answer: D
You want to use conditional formatting to link a dynamic image object, corporate_logo.jpg, to a Crystal report. Which format should you use for referencing the location of the graphic image?
A. [C:\Images\corporate_logo.jpg]
B. “C:\Images\corporate_logo.jpg”
C. C:\Images\corporate_logo.jpg
D. {C:\Images\corporate_logo.jpg}

210-260 pdf Answer: B
You create a report showing annual sales grouped by customer name but want to display results for customers in North America only. Which two techniques can you use to achieve this result? (Choose two.)
A. A drill-down group
B. The record selection formula
C. A cross-tab
D. The group selection formula
Answer: B, D
Which three units of measure can you use to define the page size? (Choose three.)
A. Inch
B. Twip
C. Pixel
D. Centimeter
210-260 vce Answer: A, C, D
What is the default file version when you save a report to crystalreports.com?
A. Crystal Reports 9
B. Crystal Reports XI
C. Crystal Reports 4.5
D. Crystal Reports 2008
Answer: D
You have made a decision to use an existing report as the corporate template. You have beenasked to create a sales report. Which two report objects will the template apply to the new report?
A. Detail Charts
B. Group Charts
C. Cross-tabs
D. Summary Fields
210-260 exam Answer: B, D
Which two export options can you use to display the correct Page N of M values in an exported file? (Choose two.)
A. Report Definition
B. Rich Text Format
C. Acrobat Format (PDF)
Answer: B, C
What would cause Crystal Reports to refresh the report data?
A. Deleting an existing field
B. Adding a previously unused field to the report
C. Repositioning an existing field
D. Creating a calculation with two existing fields
210-260 dumps Answer: B
Crystal Reports developers can extend the functionality of Crystal Reports by using add ins in the Report Designer. With the use of add-ins, what do report developers now have the ability to do?(Choose two.)
A. Add application specific toolbars

B. Launch other applications
C. Dynamically set page size
D. Set database connections based on a parameter
Answer: A, B
In which two sections of a report can you insert a Cross-Tab object? (Choose two.)
A. Group Header
B. Page Header
C. Report Header
D. Details
210-260 pdf Answer: A, C

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